Sometimes, a business will need to upgrade its space or improve the property's aesthetic. To do this, you need creativity and innovation to achieve the desired results. Several business owners spend a fortune hiring designers to create distinctive and original ideas that suit the customer's needs. Additionally, they will need to also pay exorbitantly for the renovation construction.

If this sounds like you, then stop searching! At Prest Development, we are a solution to all workplace renovation ideas in Toronto and the greater Toronto area with years of experience.

When it comes to commercial property, you need to ensure the maintenance and upkeep of the property. With neglect, you will end up chasing customers away, as they will be put off by the negative aesthetic portrayed to them.

With our help improving the look and feel of your commercial property, we will create a beautiful environment for your employees, whose work performance will likely increase. An improved aesthetic will also attract new customers who will likely return regularly.

Commercial property owners should also remember that improperly maintained commercial buildings can quickly result in employee injuries and unwanted costly lawsuits. This is something you want to avoid!

Fixing a commercial building with a renovation done by Prest Development is the solution! Many types of renovations are available for your commercial building, whether it's the exterior or office renovations or a complete overhaul. Whatever your needs are, our services include:

• painting walls
• flooring
• code compliance and permits
• plumbing
• drywall
• sidewalks and paving
• base building improvements
• repairing electrical connections
• flooring, carpeting, and tiling
• doors installed according to your specifications
• customizable ceiling designs
• sprinklers
• kitchen refurbishment
• Paving

We want your business to succeed, so contact us today to get your building looking brand new again!


Commercial – Photography Studio

While lighting can do only so much, the architecture of a business photography set sometimes make all the difference. To achieve a realistic appearance to this studio, we constructed using…

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Commercial – Wutai Shan Buddhist Garden

Using a traditional Chinese construction method, We crafted this main structure from rosewood and cedar, giving it a highly attractive appearance and contributing to the building’s longevity. It is possible for…

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The Site is located on the south side of Don Park Road in Markham, Ontario, it is situated in an area that predominantly consists of light industrial and commercial land…

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Commercial – Woodside Square Shopping Center

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Commercial – T Vows Studio

T Vows Studio is a Toronto wedding photo and afternoon tea photography studio. Located in North York’s central business district, T Vows required a renovation to transform it into a…

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Commercial – Private School In North York (Private School)

This custom-built private school in North York was designed to accommodate a smaller number of students than public schools. The design was kept simple, with each room designed with a…

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Our Aim


We aim to make the transition from the existing home to the new space as seamless as possible through meticulous planning and preparation before each project.